Summer Reading


Once summer classes are over on Monday, I’m going to start pleasurable summer reading.  I think I’m planning on things that I loved as a child, things that we were not allowed to read at my high school, and things that I did not read despite being assigned to read them in high school.  Yesterday I went to the public library where I checked out Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator among others.  I finished Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last night, because it is a much easier read than I remember thinking at the age of 7 when I first conquered it.  The story, however, was just as wonderful as I had remembered.  It doesn’t always work out this way in life, but sometimes it’s nice to read about good things happening to good people who have fallen on hard times.  I started Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator this morning, but I’ve had to set it aside to focus on writing my final paper for my medical ethics course.  At any rate, if you have suggestions for summer reading, and I must make some caveats: there are to be no heavy suggestions, please attempt to stick to fiction, unless it is fairly frivolous non-fiction, and please, keep your personal political agendas out of my reading list, please share them with me.


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  1. Charlie is one of my favorite books. I just wish the remake would have been less weird and more like the book. I don’t like many of Tim Burton movies..they are all the same.

  2. I totally disagree. I read the book yesterday and today, for the first time I might add, I’m watching the Tim Burton remake of it, and I have to say, that as far as the storyline goes, his version is far superior to the original film.

  3. Speaking of kids books, I would love to see a good movie on Mrs. Frisby and rats of NIHM. I loved that book and thought the Don Bluthe film was horrible. I don’t know if I would like to see a live action one with CGI or not.

    If you haven’t read it, I recommend you take a day and read it.

  4. I vaguely remember hating Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nihm. I’m not sure why though, so I think I’ll try it again when I go to the library tomorrow.

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