I got married in January, 2011. I moved to Ruston, LA and promptly got a job working for the city of West Monroe. Stephen works out-of-town a fair amount, leaving me with full reign of the remote controls and Netflix queue. I cook a lot, play with the cat, entertain my husband, and somehow have 3 times as much laundry to do than when I was single. Check back to read more about the super exciting times in North Louisiana.


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  1. I’m a college student studying Chemistry. I’m a Christian, but I make lots of mistakes. When reading this blog, please bear in mind that it is MY blog, and I’m allowed to express whatever opinion I want to express. However, please feel free to disagree. I love the exchange of ideas, and we can’t have that unless we sometimes disagree. Who knows? You might even get me to change my view on somethng. This blog will run the gammut of topics and will attempt to express a variety of viewpoints, but I’m not making any promises. Other than that, I like cooking, playing board games, reading books and I love Razorback sports, all of them, even baseball and track and field and golf.

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