So the last time I blogged about what was happening with us, it was the end of May and I told you all about our vacation to New Orleans. Well, since then we’ve moved across town, had my mom come visit us, been to Shreveport a lot, watched the Arkansas Razorbacks spiral into the pit of despair, and I participated in my very first hurricane.

Where did we move to you, you ask? Well, we moved out of our big house way outside of town to a tiny 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom duplex in town. (I’m a City Girl. For serious.) I love it. It’s tiny, but it’s IN TOWN. And it has a dishwasher and an air conditioner that works very, very well, and the cat is happy.


                            See? Happy Cat.                           


My mom came to visit us. She couldn’t come when my dad helped us move, so she came later. I don’t have any pictures, but she took us out for a nice dinner and then we went shopping on Saturday. We also went to the eye doctor with Stephen. It was super fun. Not really.
When we’re bored, we call our friends Mike and Jordan. They live in Shreveport. They’re usually kind enough to indulge our boredom with a trip to their house to grill out and play games and talk about life and play with their pets. It’s always a good time and always good value for the drive over.


We’re not talking about Arkansas Football. It’s sad and I was right about John L. Smith being  a bad hire. No one listened to me then, but I was right. I hope you all remember that.


Tech football has been fun. We’ve tailgated, attempted to go to a game that got hurricaned out and rescheduled, and watched on the TV.  At our first tailgate Stephen rigged up the TV so I could watch the Arkansas/Alabama beatdown. And then no one judged me when I cried a little. It was nice of them.


So, that’s life. My ten-year high school reunion is in two weeks and since I’m pretty sure 1990 was just ten years ago, I’m trying to figure out how that happened. Perhaps we can discuss it at the reunion if we go. Or perhaps someone has written a decent article about the space-time continuum that will explain it. Perhaps.


Oh, and more pinterest reviews coming this week. I’ve tried several more things since the last one. Apparently I like to cook things.




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  1. Glad you love where you live now. Also good to hear that your Mom could go down for a visit. Did you get your hair cut or was it in a pony tail in the above picture? Good pic. Take care. Aunt Deb

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