About once a week Stephen and I have this conversation:

Kristi: “What are you doing? Didn’t you know we were going to ______________ at ___________ time? Why are you eating cheese?”

Stephen: “No, I didn’t know. Why didn’t you tell me?” (keeps eating cheese)

Kristi: “I did tell you. I was sitting in my chair wearing my pink dress and you were sitting on the couch wearing your brown corduroy shorts and your Norm t-shirt. And when I told you, you said, ‘Oh. Ok. That sounds fun. We should see if the ________ want to go to.”

Stephen: “I don’t think you told me.”

Kristi: “Well, you know now, so stop eating cheese.”

I always hear that women are cagey, and they drop subtle hints, and they beat around the bush and that’s why men can’t understand them. May I submit to you that perhaps the reason men can’t understand women is because they don’t listen? So here are my tips for the day: Men, learn to listen. Women, start writing important information on your naked body. You’re guaranteed that will get noticed.


*This was intended to be humorous. I promise.*


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