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I don’t know if I ever started doing this, or just thought about doing this, but I think I’d like to write about things I was told I would understand when I got married. I’ll start with the first one:


“You’ll understand how hard it is to manage money when you get married.”


Seriously? Seriously? People actually said this to me. Lots of different, completely unrelated people said this to me at different times of my adult, single life. Guess what? I wasn’t exactly getting home from the office, putting on my sailor’s jacket, and diving around in my piles of money, a la Scrooge McDuck when I was single. In reality, I find it easier to manage money married than I do single. For one, we make more. For two, I’ve got someone to discuss money with, and to remind me that maybe I don’t need the 837th pair of Old Navy flip-flops.. And for three, I’ve got someone to work toward financial goals with.


Stay tuned next week for installment the second: “You’ll understand __________ when you get married.”


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  1. I HATE when people say this…they said it to me a lot during law school and some now — you will understand how hard it is to manage money when you are married and pay bills. hello people, i pay bills NOW.

    I haven’t been to your blog in awhile, I just found the link again and am saving it so i dont lose it. Love the idea of this series…might i suggest a few topics..

    single people dont understand what it means to be busy and stressed and balancing life. You must quit talking about sex and relationships when single people walk in the room because we don’t know what sex is.

    I love when people imply that singleness is easy — youre so free! you have so much time. you can date around! and they imply marriage is harder –> (and I know marriage can be hard) –> “its hard living with someone and putting their needs first. You can feel so lonely in marriage when there is conflict, thats WAY worse than feeling lonely alone. Children are stressful, you have it way easier.

    *The worst thing ever is hearing someone who has what you want complain about it.

    So glad you are doing this series, many people dont mean to be offensive and i usually show them grace but these comments imply singles arent adults šŸ™‚

  2. Those are excellent ideas! I’ve heard so many of them. I can assure you they’ll be making an appearance soon. I’ve even been collecting ideas for a similar series after we have kids. Of course, that won’t be for about 90 years, but still. I’ve got a really good list.

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