Honey Lime Chicken Enchiladas


As promised, you get food, not running for your next post.

I found this recipe right here. Naturally I made some modifications though. Some of them were on purpose. Some of them were because I made a potentially critical error and failed to read the recipe all the way through.

I reduced the amount of cheese. We still loved it with only 8 oz of cheese instead of a full pound. I also accidentally forgot to do the part where you mix the cream with sour cream and the remaining enchilada sauce before you pour it over the top of the rolled tortillas. While I still loved it with the deletion of the cream and sour cream, I feel like it would be even more tasty, so I’m going to try to remember to do that next time. And finally, I used red enchilada sauce instead of green because that’s what I had. I wish I had a picture, but we scarfed it down really quickly. Because of this, you’re just getting words and an admonishment to make this recipe ASAP. It was delicious. I’ll post pictures next time I make, which will probably be soon.

I’m also considering making it with pork instead of chicken, or maybe black beans to healthy it up a little. Any other suggestions?


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