And Then There Was Vacation


So I haven’t blogged in 87 years. Let’s just ignore that and talk all about my fabulous vacation.


We went to New Orleans last Wednesday. I worked all day. (And by “worked” I mean, “ate puppy chow at my desk and watched Diane Keaton movies on my iPad,” but let’s not get too specific.) And then I got in the car, drove to Alexandria, picked up my husband, and then happily relinquished the driver’s seat. And then we drove to Diamondhead, MS (which is not New Orleans), stayed up for awhile talking to Adam and Erika, who we love, and then fell asleep. Also, Stephen got to see his BFF Gus, Adam and Erika’s aged Shih Tzu.

On Thursday, there was coffee!, lunch, outlet mall-ing, packing, and then driving into New Orleans. To spend one night at the Motel 6 extended stay. It was a really special hotel room. There were no pictures. There was just thankfulness that we were only there for one night. Then we got ready and headed into the city for dinner at a fancy restaurant.



There we are at our fancy dinner. We had a groupon. Dinner was tasty and the company was better. I actually fixed my hair and put on jewelry and eye make-up. It was a big deal.

Then we got coffee at Cafe du Monde and went back to our ghetto fabulous hotel. It was special. And in the middle of the night the air conditioner started making the worst noise in the world.

In the morning we got up and drove to Metarie. I had a groupon for a massage, so while I got the best massage of my life (to date, but I’m willing to continue sampling massage therapists to make sure that she was the best), Stephen played around on the internet in a coffee shop down the way. We headed into New Orleans proper, parked the car, and ate lunch at a restaurant on Magazine Street: Juan’s Flying Burrito. It was so good. We split the Jerk Nachos. And we drank really cold beer.

Don’t those look amazing?

After that, we wandered around some more on Magazine street, I had to use the restroom emergently and nearly cried, and then we headed back into the French Quarter to park our car and check in at our hotel.

This hotel was way more spiffy. Thanks to our friend Mike and his special AT&T rate at the Crowne Plaza, we got to stay there. It was beautiful and quiet and beautiful. And walking distance to everywhere. We checked in, rested a bit, and then Mike and Jordan got into town. That first night we went to dinner at Acme Oysterhouse. It’s good every time. Admittedly I’ve only been twice, but it was delicious every time. The bread pudding is amazing.

There we are outside of Acme Oysterhouse. To say the line is long is an understatement. But my escort was cute.

Then we played around on Bourbon Street for awhile. Stephen and I had a small conniption fit over the price of drinks, and then we went back to the hotel, slept, got up and got ready for breakfast.

Breakfast was at the Magnolia Grill. The food was delicious. The service was impossibly slow, and because of that, I would have a hard time reccommending it. But if you’ve got two hours for breakfast, go for it. It was good food after all.

Saturday lunch was what we were actually in town for. Our friends Chris and Kristen, groomsman and bridesmaid in our wedding, helped us move, threw us a stock the bar shower, and had been dating for SEVEN years, were getting engaged. However, Kristen didn’t know that. We all gathered at Sucre, a fabulous sweet shop in Metarie, donned Mexican wear (it was Cinco de Mayo), and waited.

And then she walked in. And then she freaked out. And then Chris got down on one knee and she realized what was happening. And then she said yes. And we were all very glad because it was a long drive to New Orleans.

That evening consisted of more of the same: dinner, Bourbon Street, fun times. The next morning we got up, drove back to Diamondhead because I had left our iPad at Adam and Erika’s, and then we got to go to church with them. This is a rare treat for us these days. I’d say going to church and sitting with my husband was the best part of our trip.

All in all, it was an excellent vacation. We had a lot of fun, some of our friends finally got engaged, and we got to worship together. It was totally worth it.


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