Today, a list of things that confound me.

1. Being totally amenable to the war in Iraq/Iran/Afghanistan, which involved taking over another country, killing their citizens, and deposing their leaders, and yet unwilling to make an effort to find a spouse.

2. Being opposed to abortion but in favor of the death penalty.

3. Calling yourself a Christian and yet acting cruelly to people who aren’t just like you.

4. Swearing faith in God, but making sure you’ve hedged your bets.

5. Wanting to be a good Christian woman, but wearing clothes that leave virtually nothing to the imagination.

6. Calling yourself a good wife, but belittling your husband.

7. Knowing my sin, but dying for me anyway.

8. Knowing my past, but being my friend in the present and future.

9. Wanting to lose weight, but making cookies anyway.

10. Insisting that you believe that God is the boss, the ultimate authority, and the keeper of the kingdom, and pledging allegiance to the flag anyway.

I didn’t mean these to attack anyone. Many of them are things I struggle with. However, many of them are things I see in our churches that I find absolutely astonishing in light of scripture.


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