Valentine’s Day


In honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought I would post 14 of my favorite things that have happened this year, or that I love about my husband. 14 isn’t really enough, but I suspect people might get tired of reading after 14.


1. I loved our wedding. I loved having the opportunity to promise my life and love to the best man I know in front of tons of people who I love.

2. I love that he rubs my feet when I put them in his lap. Even though I do this almost every time we’re on the couch watching TV. And even though I don’t think he wants to anymore.

3. I love that we still spend a few minutes snuggling every morning before we get up and go to work. If it’s up to me, that won’t change.

4. I loved going to Oxford last year and getting to watch his LA Tech Bulldogs beat Ole Miss. It made him happy, and I love it whenever anyone beats Ole Miss.

5. I loved Vegas. Fancy dinner, fancy shows, fancy house, lots and lots of fun with my favorite person.

6. I love that he’s always the one to leave the house to go pick up something that I forgot or something that I need.

7. Despite the fact that I tease him about this all the time, I love that he listens to me at least 90% of the time.

8. I love that he works hard. I brought a lot of debt into the marriage, but he works two jobs to help pay that off.

9. I love that he usually remembers to turn on the heated mattress pad so that the bed isn’t cold.

10. I love that he loves my cat. I also love that he was totally OK with the fact that he had to have Jersey’s approval before I would marry him.

11. I love that he doesn’t yell at me for squishing more trash into the trash can instead of just taking the garbage out. Of course, if he did, I would totally deserve it.

12. I love that he drives most of the time when we go places together.

13. I love that he thinks to bring me fountain drinks.

14. I love that he loves other people’s children and that I know he’ll love ours. As an addendum to this one, I love that he’s totally open to adopting kids.


There’s 14. I’ve got lots more, but I suspect most of you just skimmed as it is. I just wrote a lot of this so that I’d remember when we’re in the throes of young kids and babies and we don’t have the time we have now to spend together. And cause he reads my blog and I thought he’d like it.



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