Trying It Out


I thought I’d take this time to update you about things I’ve tried from Pinterest. I’ll probably keep this up for a while, cause I find it very helpful to know what things other people have pinned and enjoyed and what they’ve pinned and found terrible.

I’ll start with the bad. I pinned this Slow Cooker Honey Parmesan Pork recipe. And it was mediocre at best. After I completely changed the sauce it was good, but it didn’t work for us in its original form. I will definitely not be making it again. The sauce was weird and thin. The pork was tender and juicy, but I know several other ways to do that with a pork roast and a slow cooker, so there’s no need to make one in this manner.

The very first recipe I pinned was this slow cooker Mexican chicken meal. Again, it was good after I completely changed it. It was rather bland and boring otherwise. We were not impressed. It will definitely not be made again.

On the other hand, we have this: Mongolian Beef. We loved it. It was sweet and spicy and savory and was delicious over fried rice and stir fry vegetables. I didn’t alter the recipe at all, other than to reduce the amount of oil, and I will definitely be making it again. I found it easy enough to do on a weeknight, but if you have little ones at home, you’ll want to be careful because of the oil for frying.

And then there are these: homemade tortillas. These were a bit time and labor intensive, but very easy and so delicious. I’m not quite willing to say I’ll never buy tortillas again, but I can say that I’ll be making them a lot more often. They are so good. We’ll be having them in enchiladas later this week.

What about you? Any good pinterest recipes? Any terrible flops? Any useful hints you’ve picked up from pinning?


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  1. I haven’t found a good meal recipe that I like off of pinterest yet. The few that I have tried haven’t been that great. I think I will stick to making them up myself or finding them in actual cookbooks for awhile (or on I have found a LOT of dessert recipes on pinterest that I LOVE. I think I have added over 10 new recipes to the dessert portion of my cookbook. Which is a good and a bad thing.

  2. I’ve actually found several that we’ve really liked, but if I posted them all today then I wouldn’t have anything to post next month. We don’t eat very much dessert because I simply don’t have time to make it. It’s kind of a special occasion thing, meaning that I have to be off work at least half a day. That pretty much never happens unless I’ve got a planned day off and then it’s, sadly, for something more pressing than dessert making.

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