The Religious Right


I’d like to go ahead and add a disclaimer here: this post might offend. I’m totally OK with because I believe that it’s often through having our sensibilities tampered with that we learn, grow, and change. However, if you cannot respond as an adult, please don’t respond at all. Thank you.


To the religious right:

I don’t know why you are under the impression that pledging allegiance to the flag, that yammering constantly about America, that voting for so-called Godly men (or women), that preaching Republicanism from our pulpits, that maligning people who are different from you, that physically assaulting other members of our society, or refusing to look at all the facts presented are a good way to make our nation turn back to God. That is, if our nation even needs to turn back to God.

I’ve been thinking specifically about the way so many of my, theoretically, brothers and sisters treat homosexuals. See, even if homosexuality is a sin, I cannot imagine that being so hate-filled toward someone engaged in said sin is a good way to get them to convert. Because, religious righters, I tend to stop hanging out with people who treat me like crap; I imagine this is not an unusual thing. In addition, whenever we read about sin in the Bible, it’s spoken to people who have already signed up to be Christians. It’s not our job to legislate our morality onto people who have not signed up to play by our rules. Jesus maligned the Pharisees in ways he never came close to repeating to lepers or the woman caught in adultery. Paul wrote Romans Chapter 1 to members of the church in Rome. Even the passages in the Old Testament were written to men and women who were already members of the Jewish faith.

So stop. Stop treating people like crap. Stop acting without at least a modicum of intellectual honesty. Stop using churches as bully pulpits for policies that harm our nation’s (and the world’s!) poor. Stop putting your faith in a government that is so obviously corrupt, particularly when you claim to be men and women of faith in Christ. Stop treating people in churches who are not members of the Republican party as pariahs, idiots, and the like. Just stop. Act like Jesus. Act like Mother Teresa. Act like Ghandi. Act like Martin Luther King, Jr. Act like any one of a thousand people who are not who you are acting like. Read the Bible. Remember what we have been called to. And just stop treating people who are different than you like crap.




Kristi Greene

Christian, Liberal, Wife, Cat-parent, and woman who simply wants to be like Christ


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