Totally Random


Yup. This is the most boring blog in existence. I’ve got lots of ideas. What I don’t have are pictures, references, pictures, or pictures. And so you get random. I’m sorry. I’ve given myself a deadline of two weeks to make it better. Hold me to that, won’t you?

I struggle with side dishes. As in, I don’t have a large repertoire of them. As in, I don’t know exactly what goes together as a menu. That’s what would get me in trouble on Iron Chef America (that and a lack of skill level necessary to compete in Kitchen Stadium). I’ve got main dishes. I’ve got lots of ways to cook chicken and fish and beef and pork.

Could you help a girl out? Could you help her go from serving rice with everything to a varied menu? Cause as much as we love rice, even Stephen, king of the corn dog, is starting to complain.

Additionally, I crafted these for my office.

While they’re not perfect, I’m still very proud. It’s sort of a pinterest project, as I found all the info necessary on pinterest. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction you get when you complete a project successfully for the first time.


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  1. This isn’t the recipe I used, but I made something very similar to this a few weeks ago, and it was amazing. I mean, it’s still kind of rice-ish, but it’s good.

    Also, asparagus baked in the oven with some olive oil, garlic salt, and lemon pepper is great. And sauteed onions and squash are a staple at my house, though it’s more affordable during summer especially if you can grow the squash.

  2. Oh yeah. The husband doesn’t eat salad. Or asparagus. This leaves out two of my favorite things. He’s a punk. But he’s cute and goes to Walgreens at night to get me Tums, so I’ll keep him.

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