I love Pinterest. No really, I do. Just ask my husband, who is the victim of my constantly saying, “You know what I saw on pinterest?” I think he’s tired of it. Because of that, I’m going to throw out some pinterest rules for everyone.

1. Please, please, please, link to the actual blog post that the recipe/craft/organizing tip/etc is on. Please don’t simply link to someone’s blog and expect all the other pinners in the world to hunt down the thing they were looking for. It’s just the nice thing to do.

2. Please don’t write all the recipe instructions on the pin. Linking (pinning) the recipe/cleaning picture/whatever is sufficient. Really. Pinterest isn’t a blog; pinterest is simply a socially connected visual bookmarking site.

3. Please don’t leave hate mail on pinners posts. If a user you don’t follow is showing up in your feed, figure out how to stop it,contact pinterest, or just be thankful for the extra inspiration. That’s really all that’s necessary. Hate mail is definitely not necessary.

4. Please don’t post every single thing you pin to Facebook and your twitter account. It’s not necessary. The people who want to follow you on pinterest are, and the rest don’t care.

5. Pin lots. Pin lots of things. Try lots of things. Blog about things that work and things that didn’t. I’m going to start. I promise; I’m creating a series of blog posts that include both failed and successful pinned recipes, crafts, cleaning tips, and the like. This also gives me incentive to continue to use pinterest and helps keep my husband from screaming at me.

Thanks for reading all this. If you’re interested in my pinterest boards, you can find them here.


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  1. Haha, at times I have been tempted to be a “pinterest terrorist”, and tell people how dumb their pins are. Especially when they’re stupid, pithy relationship nonsense quotes. But I don’t… I will be nice. šŸ™‚ I love pinterest, too!

  2. I’ve had that same thought. I am driven batty by the things people pin concerning relationships. Some of them are valuable. Some of them are sappy weird junk. Anyone who’s ever been in a relationship, marriage or otherwise, will tell you that it takes a lot more than a pithy saying to make things work. Ugh.

    But now I have to be really nice since I made a speech on my blog about being nice.

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