So Behind


This post is mostly to make me start writing again. I’ve got tons of ideas for posts, but I know people like pictures. As I can’t manage to make myself be connected to both the computer and the camera at the same time, the pictures might have to wait.


Since I left you last, we have had Thanksgiving, our first first wedding anniversary, a trip to New Orleans/Diamondhead, MS, and reorganized the pantry. Perhaps one of those things is of no interest to you. 


I hate the first holiday after a loved one is gone. It’d been a few years since my grandmother was integrally involved in food prep for Thanksgiving, but she’d been there, laughing and listening to her family enjoy each other. I missed that this year. I’m hopeful that I can learn to be a bit more like her and just enjoy my people.


The weekend of December 9th, we were supposed to go to New Orleans with some friends of mine. They got sick and couldn’t make it. We decided to go anyway. We stayed with some friends, toured the coast, toured New Orleans, ate at the Acme Oyster House, played Quelf, and just generally enjoyed ourselves. We’ll reschedule with Harrison and Morgan later. And I’ll eat more bread pudding at Acme.


We had our first first wedding anniversary. See, Stephen and I had our marriage license signed on December 17th, 2010. We did it for tax purposes. It happened in a friend of mine’s playroom and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t even in the room when it happened. We did it entirely for tax purposes and I would not have called us married till January 8th, 2011 when we had the big fancy dress ceremony and the whole wedding night bit. We were well behaved until then, I promise.


Christmas came and went with surprising little fanfare. It was our first married Christmas. We went to the midnight service at our church, just like last year. Because of my husband’s second job, it was the first time we got to worship together in two months. We had the distinct luxury of sitting together during Christmas day service too. It might not happen again for awhile. I’d forgotten how much I liked that.


I also organized our pantry. And might have gone a bit overboard and created a spreadsheet to tell me what’s in it. And then found an app for my iphone so that I can access it at any given time in order to plan my grocery lists. Because I’m a gigantic nerd.


If you drudged all the way through this, let me know. There’s a prize in it for you. It’s a real prize too, not just 10000 “Whose Line is it Anyway” points. I promise to do better at blogging. This way you can all have a readily accessible cure for insomnia.


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