The Best Laid Plans


I’m sure you’ve all been waiting with bated breath to hear what Stephen and I have been up to, so I’ll tell you.

This past Friday, we set out for my birthday trip. Stephen bought me tickets to the Arkansas/Ole Miss football game in Oxford, MS. We decided to spend the night in Jackson, eat dinner somewhere fabulous, and get up Saturday morning and finish the drive to Oxford. With remarkable luck, I pricelined a room at the Hilton in Jackson for a great price and we got a restaurant recommendation from one of my coworkers.

Friday was a strange day at work. My grandmother was, literally, on her deathbed. Stephen was with me and we were running back and forth to the eye doctor and I was in my office for what seemed like no time at all. When my boss told me I could leave early, we left at 3, got gas, and set off in the car. About 4:30, my mom called to tell me that my grandmother had died. At her insistence, we traveled on to Jackson.

We got to Jackson around 6 and checked into the hotel. We then went to dinner at Amerigo’s. It came highly recommended, and I can see why. Everything we ate was delicious, and our waiter was fantastic. And I’m pretty sure he was about 12 years old.

And then disaster struck. I realized I had forgotten to get the tickets off my desk in my office. We were faced with the decision on whether to drive back to West Monroe and retrieve them or not. Our charming, 12-year-old waiter called friends of his to see if they had tickets. After a bit of searching, we decided to just stay in Jackson, watch the game somewhere, and have a good time. So we did. We slept late in a king-sized! bed. We got breakfast at Chik-fil-a and we watched the game at a Buffalo Wild Wings under the care of a great waitress. The Hogs won, my sweet husband spent the entire day in Razorback attire to honor her, and none of the Mississippi fans beat me up. All in all, it was a good weekend.


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  1. We actually did really enjoy Jackson. I found a cute local store with all kinds of neat kitchen stuff and interesting foods. And the dinner on Friday night was good. We’re going back to Oxford next weekend for the Ole Miss vs LA Tech game. My husband is a Tech alumni and he and I have a goal of visiting all of the stadiums in the SEC before kids come. And maybe after.

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