My friend Liz wrote a book. If you’ve read my blog at all, that’s not news to you. Hopefully, you’ve also purchased said book and read it and loved it.

Liz’s book was released at the perfect time for me. I’ve been suffering from a lot of job dissatisfaction, from financial disappointment, from a fair amount of loneliness, and from the sure to be soon loss of a loved one. My (not so) Storybook Life served as a reminder to be grateful, to remember that I’m to glorify God, and to remember that there’s good in being a secretary, and that it won’t last forever. There’s good in watching a loved one get released from pain, and there’ll be good in my marriage because we had to struggle some financially.

I know I’m biased; after all, Liz is my friend and for some reason her baby thinks I’m nice to look at. But for me, this book was serendipitous. It came along at exactly the right time and said exactly the right things. So thanks Liz. And consider this my offer of babysitting anytime you want it and I’m available. After all, it’s always nice to be stared at adoringly.


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