Things I Have Observed


This may be less than pertinent to some of my non-Christian readers. However, I think it’s hugely pertinent, particularly to those who find themselves surrounded by Christians who can’t walk the walk. Often, that’s me too. I often have a big mouth and little follow-through. So hopefully all the times through here that I call myself out to will be evident.

1. It has been my experience that those who are crying the loudest for smaller government work for said government in some fashion, be it military, police officers, state university employees, or Congress people.

2. If you are an avid facebooker/tweeter, what you post about the most is generally where your heart lies. Sadly, for me, that means that my heart is largely in recipes and a lot of the mundane. For many, despite their insistence otherwise, their hope and heart is in politics of some form.

3. It is disingenuous to say, “I don’t want to start an argument” just before saying something on a sensitive subject. You don’t always start an argument or a debate, but you most certainly often do.

4. It is also disingenuous to say, “I don’t have an opinion.” and then state an opinion. Logic matters. Critical thinking matters.

5. Coffee matters. Coffee matters to me and therefore it matters to people who interact with me. Don’t believe me? Ask my husband and coworkers.

6. The bulk of the gospel can be summed up in this: “Love Jesus. Love others.” The rest, the theological debates we have and the arguments we have over views of heaven and hell and instruments and baptism? They’ll get settled if those two things are taken care of. Someday I will live like I actually believe this.

7. When someone is having a big problem, the thing to do is not to remind them of starving children in Africa. Starving children are always sad, but our first world problems are real to God too. I agree that perspective is important, but so is understanding and compassion on those that you meet.

8. There’s not much that can’t be helped by a long walk, a fair amount of prayer and meditation, and chocolate. And a nice cat.

9. Cats really are better. They don’t bark. There’s no letting them out to go to the bathroom and they don’t bark. Also, they don’t bark.

10. Almost every single time I think I have everything together, I get to get up the next morning and realize that I don’t. That I’m not the queen of my job and that there are days when I can’t even find both shoes, let alone rule the world.

11. If everyone helped others 1/10th as much as they whine about the unemployed being a drain on society, we wouldn’t have any drains on society. Let’s get off our high horses, realize that but for the grace of God go we, and do something about the problem instead of posting articles on Facebook, talking about how the occupancy of Wall Street is stupid, about how people take advantage of welfare and the like, and help people. Why, you ask? Why should we, when those people are strangers and might take advantage of us? Because Jesus did it for us. Because Jesus does it for us. No more hypocrisy, church. Grow up, man up, and let’s all act like Christ, who forgave and helped, not because we deserve(d) it, but because he is love.

12. I’m never going to be skinny. I’m never going to be smaller than a 12 or 14. And I’m certainly never going to stop enjoying food in order to do so.

14. My job is crazy. Literally. Crazy.


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