I am sure of one thing: that Jesus is the Way. To be honest, I’m not even sure of how that Way always looks. I do know that it doesn’t always look the same for me as it does for my neighbor. I know that Jesus is still Jesus regardless of what name he is called. But I don’t know all of his names. And I don’t know all of his ways.

I say that to say this: other than that one thing, I’m pretty sure that it’s OK if we don’t all agree on everything. I like loudly painted living room furniture. I scream at the television during football games, and there’s very little I’d rather do than have a houseful of people to cook for.

And then you’ve got people who are happy home alone with a book. Who prefer stained wood furniture to my turquoise coffee table and red entertainment center. Who like to go shopping with other people and never watch football except at gunpoint.

You know what I struggle with though? Letting it be OK. Understanding that there’s more than one right way to keep house or choose furniture or clean the kitchen or be social. For some reason, despite my terribly flawed life, I’ve got it in my head that my way is the best way or the right way. And you know, in terms of Jesus, it is. In terms of furniture or pet choice or food choices or cleaning, it’s as likely the worst choice as it is the best. And more importantly, it doesn’t matter. They’re not salvation issues, or even character issues.

So, new goal for my 30 under 30 list: let go of things like that. Let people choose whatever they want for their wedding registries. Let people have whatever dishes they want and eat canned soup if they want and wear horizontal stripes if they want. No more throwing rocks for things that are simply preferences. Instead, I’ll learn to be concerned with character and, most importantly, Jesus. After all, He’s the only thing I’m really sure of.

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