The Honorable Call of Homemaking


My friend Ann used that phrase on my Facebook status one night. I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

You see, I’m a working wife. I’m not issuing a complaint here, because at this time in our lives, it’s right that I’m working. We need the money, and I need the place to go every day. That being said, I’m not at my house for about 50 hours every week. Because of that, my weekends and evenings are filled with “The Honorable Call of Homemaking.” For a long time, I didn’t really understand what homemaking was. I understood about doing my chores, even as an adult. I understood about getting the laundry done and running the vacuum and sweeping the floor. I’m a good cleaner and a moderately decent cook.

And then I got married. And we moved into a cute little 1950’s ranch house with lots of floor space and wall space and I realized that it might be time to look into making a home for us. That there is, in fact, more to keeping house than keeping house. That there’s decor and furniture choices and hanging things on the walls.

And then I might have gone a bit crazy. I’m in love with the decor part. I love flea markets and goodwill and sanding and painting furniture and choosing curtains and making throw pillows. I’ve got a list of projects as long as my house and I probably won’t get to them all before we stop living there. I spend my free time at work perusing the internet for ideas and hunting Craigslist and etsy for unique home items.

And then it happened: in my home decor haze, I began to let the cleaning slip. I got busy playing on the internet one day at work and forgot to mail the water bill until late. And I tried to pacify myself with the thought that at least the house is pretty, but that’s not really enough. The bathroom needs to be cleaned and I really need to mop the floor.

When I read about the Proverbs 31 woman, I’m often convinced that Stephen didn’t marry that woman. He married someone who loves pretty things and forgets to do other things because she’s busy making things pretty. I don’t consider a field and buy it, because I can’t even remember to pay the water bill. So I’m wondering, if any of you working wives out there have any sort of advice for me on homemaking. I’m not actually too busy. My job does end at 5 every day. I do have weekends off. I just struggle with getting it all together. So please, help a girl out and let me know how you all manage to have pretty houses and clean houses and ALL the bills paid on time.

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