Wedding Shower- Show Us Your Life


Apparently linking up with Kelly’s Korner is the best way to get me to post. This week’s link up is about wedding showers.

First of all, let me just say that wedding showers made me nervous. I mean, when I was single, I was nervous about having my own someday. I knew that presents were cool, but I figured it would be equally cool to just have them sent to my house.

And then I got engaged. And then, about 12 minutes later, my friend Hilary called from Arkansas to ask me when we should have my church wedding shower. At the time I was living in Oklahoma, and so I was floored that my church back home wanted to even throw me a shower. I warmed to the idea, and we set a date, and I moved on. Stephen and I didn’t have a very long engagement, and I was working full-time and had emergency surgery during it, so I didn’t think too much about my shower except that to keep reminding myself when it was.

Then, November 7th, 2010 rolled around. I got up, went to church at Crosswalk, and got the joy of hearing my shower announced. I loved hearing that, almost as much as I loved seeing my wedding invitations on peoples’ refrigerators. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting a ginormous turnout or a gigantic pile of gifts. This wasn’t just to pacify myself if it turns out there wasn’t one, but it was realism: I’d moved away the previous year.

And then I got to Hilary’s house. And there were 9 beautiful hostesses, 3 of whom did all this for me despite being pregnant, coffee punch, pumpkin spice cupcakes, fruit, a beautiful floral arrangement, and presents. And then more people piled in. And there were tons of women there and they were lovely. The gifts were great, of course, but what was even more touching to me was the sheer number of women who were interested in my life and marriage. And, knowing that I’m a foodie, the ladies who hosted thought ahead: they had everyone bring a recipe with their gift and they put them all in this fabulous box with a lip that holds the recipes while you’re cooking. So, in addition to the lovely things I registered for and use, all the time, I got family recipes from the sweet ladies at my home church. And they’re good. I haven’t tried one yet that we haven’t loved.

These are the flowers that Claire arranged, the cupcakes that Crystal made, and the glasses for the absolutely amazing coffee punch.

At Crosswalk showers they do awesome things like pray over you and your marriage. This is what's happening here. You just can't see everyone.

Oh, and I got my Cuisinart food processor from the hostesses. I know you’re probably not supposed to play favorites with wedding gifts, but R2-D2 is awesome. That’s what I named him.

So thank you ladies. I loved my shower, every single moment of it. It managed to make even me tear up.

ETA: It just occurred to me that I committed a major injustice: these pictures were taken by Hannah Sawyer, my friend and shower hostess extraordinaire. And she once brought me lunch and helped me pack up my apartment.


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