30 Before 30


I’ve read lots of blogs and articles where people are attempting 30 before 30. As it just occurred to me a few days ago that I’m actually hurtling toward the age of 30 at breakneck pace, I might want to do something about getting some things done.

As it turns out, for me, ushering in the age of 30 will likely include ushering in children, so my focus will, naturally, have to change. It’s not that I believe children to be a death sentence; on the contrary, I’m really looking forward to having them. It’s just that I know that the amount of time you have to accomplish certain things sort of disappears into nursing, and changing diapers, and potty-training, and Veggietales, and perpetual teaching moments. And smiles, and giggling, and cuddling.

After saying all that, I’d like to ask for your suggestions for my list. I’ve got a few, some of them are totally silly, some of them are serious, and some of them are in between. Basically, I’m open to suggestions.

1. Gain a basic understanding of Hebrew and Aramaic.
2. Perfect foccacia bread.
3. Learn a front flip off a diving board. (Tricky, as we don’t even have a sprinkler.)
4. Return to within 10% of my lowest adult weight. (I don’t find it necessary to list specifics here.)
5. Run a half marathon.
6. Actually bother to read “My Utmost for His Highest.”
7. Regular, daily, Bible study/devotion time.

I’ve got 7 solid items on my list. So please, help me out. I’m totally open to suggestions.


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