Today on Kelly’s Korner blog, she’s doing something called “Show Us Your Singles.” Well, for the first time, I’m participating so that I can help out my good friend Amanda.





This is my friend Amanda. We’ve been friends since 2006, and I can safely say that she’s been one of the biggest encouragements in my adult life. Her devotion to Bible study is really impressive to me. In addition to being devoted to our God, Amanda is a good friend, a good encourager, and very kind.  If you need a friend, for something fun, or something serious, Amanda is your girl.

I started with what I thought were the most important things about Amanda, but there’s some fun involved too. She’s a big history buff, especially WW2. She loves children and her family, especially her niece. She’s always fun to hang out with, whether it’s going to an Arkansas Travlers’ game or watching the Movies in the Park. If you’re an NCIS fan, she’s the girl for you; Amanda even named her car after several of the characters.

If you want to get on her good side, engage her in a discussion about history, or treat her to Starbucks. Talk about books with her, or mention a prayer concern you have and allow her to pray for you. She’s great at that.

She knows I’m doing this, so feel free to contact me if you’re interested in getting to know more about her. She’s definitely one of my favorite people and I’d love to see her fall in love and get to start a family of her own.


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