Thankful Thursday


This is going to be in list form. It might even include links and pictures and videos, now that I’ve finally mastered embedding them in my blog.

1. I’m thankful for an hour of paid leave this morning. I didn’t get out of bed until 7. And I got to spend some time in the morning with Stephen actually talking and such, instead of saying things like, “Remember to turn the thermostat up before you leave for work.” and “Are we going running tonight?”

2. I made Liz’s blog. As Liz is an actual, published author, this made me extraordinarily happy. And, even if she wasn’t an actual published author, she’d still be really cool.

3. Last night we went to a small group that was almost entirely people who are older than we are, fairly significantly. It was wonderful. They’ve got some perspective on marriage and child rearing and simply being a person that I cannot hope to have any time soon.

4. This recipe.

5. World events that remind me where my faith lies and that remind me that our heavenly Father has everything under control. That he knew everything that has happened and that all I need to be concerned with is glorifying him.


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