Playing Catch Up


So, it’s been a long time since I blogged. And, believe it or not, some stuff has happened. Sadly, I am the world’s worst at remembering to take pictures when we do something, so you’ll just have to imagine these events in your heads.

A couple of weekends ago, Stephen and I went to a concert at the local vineyard. It was cheap and you could bring picnic baskets and sit on the grass and drink wine. So we went and we ate too much and it was fun and the music was good and the weather was nice. And then, cause both of us manage to wake up at 6:30, even on Saturdays, we had to go home at like 7:30 because we were tired. But, then we went to Sam’s, which is quite possibly my new favorite place and bought 4 gallons of hand soap for $6. It felt like winning.

The following weekend we had Good Friday off, so we went to Little Rock. We got up early, met my parents for lunch at The Villa, where they made me “lunch” chicken picatta. As far as I can tell it’s the same as the dinner chicken picatta, but it comes at lunchtime and only costs $7. It’s one of my favorite foods on earth. Then, I went shopping with my mom, where I hit some fantastic sales, was probably inappropriately rude to someone’s mother (her 7 or 8 year old daughter was turning around in circles in a jewelry store. So I told her about it. But because I have a big mouth, I was probably rude.) and then we went to Sheridan to see Stephen’s nieces and nephew and sister-in-law.

Saturday, we got up and went to brunch at the Youngs’ house. I made some cinnamon apple bread in my new Dutch oven, Crystal made bacon and eggs, and we spend the morning eating and laughing at her kids, because they are funny. And, I got to hold sweet baby Simon who is both adorable and precious.

Then, we went to the Container Store, ZaZa’s for salad, wings, and gelato, and then to Bed Bath and Beyond. Then we went home, cooked dinner for Matt and Liz who just had a sweet baby girl.Then we drove out to North Little Rock, met Jane and got to visit with Matt and Liz. I’ve missed those two a lot. In fact, sitting here writing this post, I miss them again. Same goes for Willie and Crystal and Liam and Simon and Owen.

Then we went to dinner with my parents at Lulav. It was delicious. After that, we went over to the Peabody Hotel lobby bar and had one drink apiece and pretended like we were on a date.

Sunday morning, we went to church at Crosswalk. I love that church. They threw me a wedding and a shower and invested in my life and still do. And also, that morning, Noah Hughes, a toddler, put his hand on my thigh in the lobby and startled me half to death and when I looked I could only see his dad, who thought the whole thing was hilarious. At any rate, we saw a bunch of people who I love, and I managed to behave during Sunday school which was about Christianity and politics, so I’m definitely going to count that as a win. We also watched a video that was amazing and listened to some testimonies from some church members about their resurrection stories. It was inspiring and beautiful. Here’s the video.

Sunday lunch was at El Porton and then we hit the road back to Louisiana. It was a good trip. I’m so glad we went and got to see so many people who I love. And, I love that Stephen and I take road trips together. He’s fun. And he does the driving.


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