Q & A


I’ll be honest, I don’t get asked a lot of questions in blog-land, but I do get asked a fair amount of questions in real life. So, I thought maybe I’d answer them today, and invite you to ask anything else. I’m generally pretty open.

Q. What’s your favorite recipe?
A. Honestly, I get asked this one a fair amount because I love to cook. And I’d have to say, probably either my chicken enchiladas or my roasted red pepper hummus. Or guacamole. Or barbacoa beef. Or carnitas. Or meatloaf. Or pot roast. I like to cook. I like to try new foods and so this results in an inability to pick a favorite.

Q. What’s it like meeting someone on the internet?
A. Odd. We didn’t really have any history with each other, so I’m constantly finding out little facts about him. Like, he had a stepsister. Like he used to play the bass. Like he had an interesting jacket in college. But mostly, it’s like marrying anyone else, I would imagine. It’s not like you really know a person until you live with them. I mean, not really.

Q. When are y’all going to start a family?
A. Well, we got married. So I’d say we started a family on January 8th, 2011. That being said, the answer to the question, “When are you going to have kids?” is “When the time is right.” We just got married. He’s still learning to fold my underwear right-side out. (Yes, my husband does chores. I’m a bad wife.) We can’t have kids yet. They’d have wrong-side out underwear. In case you’re curious though, we’re not waiting till we have enough time or money to have kids. That’s a great way to never have kids. We’re waiting until we feel the Lord leading us to add to our family through either procreation or adoption. I suppose you can stay tuned if you’re interested, but it’s likely to be awhile.

Q. Surely there’s something you like about Louisiana?
A. Yup. It’s in the SEC, which means that I can watch my beloved Razorbacks on TV. There are great prices on seafood down here. And honestly, the interstates are much better than those in Arkansas and Oklahoma.

That’s a few questions for you. I’ll have more next go round, and I’d be happy to answer any that my blog readers have. I’m a pretty open book. You can even ask about politics and religion. Oh, and for those of you that refuse to rifle through the 190 some-odd pictures of my wedding on my Facebook, or who aren’t Facebook friends with me, I’m preparing a post that includes a few select wedding pictures.


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