Fewer Than 70 Days


In an effort to amuse people, and in an effort to blog at least three times this week, I’ve decided to randomly select a picture from my cell phone, post it, and then tell (or embellish if necessary) the story behind it. In case you’re curious, by randomly select, I mean “Open the photos on my phone, close my eyes, and then tap something.” Here’s the picture I came up with.

So there’s today’s photo. That’s Jersey. I probably woke her up to take that picture. She was probably irritated with me. And then she probably went right back to sleep. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, that picture was taken in my apartment in Oklahoma. It was a nice apartment. It had a pantry. And a coat closet. And drawers in the bathroom vanity, which is something I’d never had before and I haven’t had since. And there were many evenings of dinner with friends there. And Jersey. And small group. And one evening I had to sit under the table during a game of Quelf.

That story was long, disjointed, and odd. I’m sorry that today’s post was brought to you by the letter “L” for Lame.


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