New Blog Feature


Today, I’ve decided to start a new feature on this blog. It’s going to be called “Things My Husband Does in his Sleep.” Don’t be alarmed. This will still be family friendly. I have no idea how frequently this feature will run, since I can’t guarantee that my husband will say things, and well, sometimes I’m lazy about blog posting.

For our first feature, I’ll go back a few weeks. On Tuesday February 8, a very good friend of mine was in labor and I was getting updates from her about the impending birth of her baby. While I was very excited, I still had to work the next day, so I put the phone on silent and figured I’d read the text messages when I got up the next morning. Well, I woke up that night around 12:30 and needed to go to the bathroom, so like all good Americans in the 21st century, I checked my phone. I had a text message from Crystal, so I read it, was immediately excited about the birth of Simon, and nudged my husband, who immediately responded with, “What’s up?” He sounded perfectly normal, so I proceeded to tell him that Simon had been born. He looked at me, said, quite clearly, “Turkey net murderers.” and then rolled over.

In case you’re curious, the stories just get more and more awesome.


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