I’m a little competitive. And controlling, and bossy, and loud, and over-social, and slightly paranoid, but those things aren’t important to this story. This story is about winning. Not in the Charlie Sheen sense, but in the actual sense.

My husband and I are iPhone people. (Thanks mom and dad for letting us join your family plan so we could keep them!) We play games. We Facebook, we email, we do iPhone things. One of the games we play with great regularity is Ski-Ball. Stephen has been playing much, much longer than I have. His high score is 2200. As is my custom, I realized this, downloaded the app, and have been trying incessantly to beat him at Ski-Ball since Saturday. Monday night, while he was out-of-town for work, I achieved Ski-Ball success.

As you can plainly see, I have achieved a higher score than 2200. In case you’re curious as to Stephen’s response, here it is:

“Well, you haven’t beaten my coworker Michael’s score yet.”

You’re right Stephen, you’re right.

(As an aside, it’s extremely lucky for me that my husband is competitive too. It’s fun for us.)


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