Reading My Spam


OK, it’s confession time: I love to read my spam email. I get such a kick out of the bad grammar and the offers to give me $10 million if I give them $1000. They’re truly delightful. That being said, I’ve decided to present you all with current reigning queen of spam mail, at least in my spam folder. You can read it in all of its glory down below.

Good day,

My name is Nakato Blair and I reside in Atlanta Georgia with my twin sister Babidiye Robinson although we don’t live in the same apartment any more. We are health fitness trainer and our corporation is known to be double impact fitness twins.

I’m contacting you for a particular purpose but before I unfold the purpose, I need to be sure that I’m dealing with the right person here as I’m sure that you must have seen me on good morning America show when we had our segment in New York on 05/03/2010.

Just if you didn’t had the chance to watch us live on good morning America show, kindly signify and I will let you have the abcnews link on how you can watch us.

Kindly send me your complete name and be sure to clearly specify your surname for me to be sure that I’m on with the right person.get back to me on my private

Peace and blessings.

Nakato Blair

I feel compelled to ask you some questions now that you’ve read the email. First, what are “double impact fitness twins?” Do I even want to know? Secondly, what are these women offering me? Thirdly, how do two sisters live together and yet not live together? I’m baffled. Please help.


Kristi Greene, spam reading wondergirl


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