…alternately titled “Things that are annoying about Louisiana”

1. When filling up with gas in Arkansas, there are these nifty things on the gas pumps that allow you to lock the flow into place and thereby not have to stand there, squeezing the handle of the gas pump until your car is full. This is extremely handy in the cold, when you would like to return to the warmth of your car.

2. El Porton. I did a blog post a while back about the food I would miss in Little Rock, and every single time we eat at the Mexican restaurant in Ruston, I’m reminded why El Porton is on that list. Luckily, I’ll be there (sans bells) on Sunday. Mmm. Chicken Nachos.

3. Razorback apparel. I’m woefully tired of this gaudy, and ugly, purple and gold. And don’t get me started on the asininity of the phrase “Geaux ________.” Yeah, they say that down here.

4. Mountains. Big, pretty mountains.

5. The Big Dam Bridge. It’s the world’s largest pedestrian bridge. It’s a fun place to walk. The view (of mountains) is awesome. What’s not to like?

There are a lot more things that could be applied to this list. I’m going to stop with five, however, because no one like an overly long blog post. Perhaps when I come back from being in Arkansas this weekend, I can share pictures of these places and things with you.

Rest assured that I haven’t forgotten my daily Bible reading challenge. I’m planning on tackling day one in the car on the drive to Little Rock tonight. And then there will be 89 days after that. I’m looking forward to things that the word of God has to say to me. I’m not going to be entirely surprised if some of it is about being content where you live right now.


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