Umm, sorry. I forgot.


Basically, here’s an apology saying that I forgot that I had a blog. So, you’re about to get a long recap of my honeymoon, family friendly parts only.

Wedding Night

We stayed in a fantastic hotel. It was the Four Seasons Las Colinas. When we got there, we found out we’d been upgraded to a suite. The whole room and experience was lovely. They carried our things and brought us food and there was a corkscrew and coffee and a giant bathroom and tub and shower and it got completely dark in the room when it was time for sleeping. If you want a luxury hotel in the Dallas area, stay here. It’s pretty.

This is our hotel suite.



On Sunday it started snowing. And kept snowing. And it was cold and gross. So we had the room service people bring food to our hotel room. And it was delicious. I had bananas foster french toast. I don’t remember what Stephen had. Pancakes maybe. He can correct me.  Then, we checked out of our room, and got in the car and headed to Houston. It was a slow trip because it was SNOWING. Gross. I watched a movie on the computer and Stephen drove. I was already showing my prowess as an awesome wife.  After we arrived in Houston, we got to our bed and breakfast, watched some TV, entertained ourselves and then ATE CHIPOTLE.  Yeah, it deserves capital letters. I love Chipotle.

This is the snow. This is the snow south of Dallas. Gross

Our room at the bed and breakfast was great. It was big and the bed was comfy and the closet was large and the bathtub was giant and had jets. I love jets.

This is our bed and breakfast room. And my purse.



Because of who I am, I now feel it is important to hit the food highlights of our honeymoon, at least as well as I can given time constraints and the fact that every meal was a food highlight.



Salmon Picatta


Up above you’ll see Salmon Picatta. It came from a restaurant near the Galleria called Little Napoli. Oh my word. We found this restaurant sort of by accident when Stephen bought a Groupon for it. It’s so good. I don’t remember what he had, but it was probably some tortellini thing. His was good too. And the glass of wine I had was great, but I don’t remember what it was either.

Later that night, we went to a place called House of Pies. And yes, I have pictures. I don’t remember the names of the pies, but the pieces were giant and the place, get this, never closes. It’s all pie all the time.


Pie #1



Pie #2



On Wednesday night, we went to dinner at the Monarch Restaurant at the Hotel ZaZa. I have pictures on my phone from the food that night, but I can’t get them onto the computer right now, so the 0.5 people that are waiting to see them can just keep right on waiting. However, I can tell you that it was absolutely delicious, and that if the Ahi Tuna appetizers and the Antelope are still on the menu, you should go. It’s definitely not a cheap restaurant, but it was delicious. And the service was impeccable.


There were some other highlights of the trip, such as my sweet cousin Kelley and her husband Bob finding our bed and breakfast and bringing us champagne and chocolate covered cashews and then getting to run into them at the hotel restaurant for dinner. They’re fun to hang out with.  The zoo was also fun and terrifying if you’re me and don’t particularly care for birds. At NASA, we both froze to death, but we got to see real life astronauts and there was science! And, we got to go to several other museums. And we got to hang out with each other. That part was lovely.


Sorry for the delay, and then the terribly long blog post to (attempt) to make up for it. Stay tuned for further exciting newlywed things, including recipes, a move, and fun new job stuff.




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