Honeymoon, Part 1


Obviously, you’re not going to get the juicy details here. This is a family friendly (and family read) blog. Besides, if you know me in real life, I’ll happily share them with you. At least, most of you. I’m not shy. What you will get is a summary of the food! that we ate and the sites that we saw and a description of the hotels, minus the dirty parts.

I don’t have any of my own pictures today, cause I don’t have access to the camera, but I can tell you that we took a picture of almost everything we ate, cause I’m weird like that. And cause I like food.

We started out in Dallas at The Four Seasons, Las Colinas. When we got to check in, we found out we’d been upgraded to a suite. It was sublime. Literally. It was big and roomy and there was a giant bathtub and a big walk in shower and the bed was king sized and was so comfortable it didn’t even feel like a bed. It felt, instead, like a cloud. It was beautiful. And, they carried our luggage and drove us to our room and brought us things, like breakfast. And yeah, it wasn’t free, but it was our wedding night, and I don’t think we’ll ever be sorry we spent the money. Also, the breakfast was delicious.

Then we traveled to Houston, a city we picked because we thought it would be warm. It was not. In fact, it started snowing in Dallas and kept getting snowier and snowier until about 2 hours north of Houston. It was cold and gross. I watched a movie in the car while Stephen drove. That was neither cold nor gross.

In Houston, we stayed a bed and breakfast. Our first night, there was a problem with our reserved room, so we stayed in an unremarkable room in the main house. And the room was cold. The rest of our stay, however, we stayed in a much larger room with a large closet and a giant bathtub and a walk in shower and a private entrance. It was lovely. And the breakfasts were delicious.

I don’t have pictures and so this post is boring. There will be more when I have access to the camera and the inclination to post. But there is more. We did, in fact, leave our room on our honeymoon, after all.


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