Wedding Day!


There are pictures from this day. Obviously none of them were taken by me, but I ganked them from others’ Facebook albums. Don’t worry. I’ll credit my sources.

I got up at 7 to meet Stephen for breakfast at the hotel we stayed in (separate rooms for those keeping score at home) the night before the wedding. While breakfast was not exactly the affair I envisioned, there was a pancake machine and I got to hold baby Eli, so it all worked out.

This is the pancake machine. Image courtesy of my friend Nathan Vaughan.

Then, I went to church to start the hair and makeup process. Basically, I sat, let Fallon do my hair and makeup, and texted incessantly, realized I’d lost one of my favorite shoes and then was thankful for whoever turned said shoe into the hotel front desk. And then the bridal party (and sandwiches!) started to arrive.

After the bridal party got there and we did our final getting ready bits, we went outside into the dead of winter for what I’m sure are some really awesome pictures. While I don’t have any of those pictures yet, I can post a couple of the final getting ready process.

Kristen bustling my dress. Photo courtesy of Amanda Boyd

The flower girl and ring bearer peeking out of the curtain. Photo courtesy of Amanda Boyd.

Then, we all got ready and went into the holding area to do the wedding thing. The family members of the bride and groom walked out to “Great is Thy Faithfulness.” The bridesmaids and groomsmen and minister walked out to “Come Thou Fount” and I walked out with my dad to “Be Thou My Vision.” I have no idea if it was lovely, because I actually saw very little of it. Here are some pictures.

Straight up tying the knot. Photo courtesy of Amanda Boyd.

This is the wedding party. Todd probably looks annoyed with the whole thing. Photo courtesy of Amanda Boyd.

Then the wedding was over. The recessional was “Hold Us Together” by Matt Maher. I love that song. Anyway, then we did some more photos since Stephen didn’t want to see me in my dress until the wedding. Then, we had the reception. It was a typical church of Christ reception with cake and punch and nuts and mints. I didn’t get any cake till later and I’m fairly certain I talked to about 200+ people for about 0.02 seconds each, but I’m really glad you all came to support us. We really do love you all, even if we didn’t get to see you that day.

Finally a good cake picture.
This is us cutting the cake. The delicious cake. Photo ganked from Amanda Boyd.

That’s our wedding in a teeny-tiny nutshell. When there are more pictures of me looking insanely awesome, I’ll post them. As it is, to everyone that was involved in our day, thank you a lot. We literally could not have done it without you.


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  1. Kristi! Congratulations on the wedding! You made such a beautiful bride! And I love your dress! And I hear ya on the talking to 200 people for .02 seconds each, haha! That’s about how it was for us too. So very happy for you and Stephen! 🙂

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