Wedding Week!


This will probably be a boring post to many of you, as I don’t have any pictures. My mom took a bunch of the actual decorating the church and rehearsal procedure, but I wandered around aimlessly and kept getting sent on weird, and slightly unnecessary errands just to get me out of the way. However, I would like to document the happenings for posterity, and so that I can tell my children about them.

I spent the first part of the week preceding the wedding getting ready for Arkansas’ Sugar Bowl appearance. Despite Ohio State’s best efforts to hand us the game, we managed to drop the ball when it hit us in the numbers every single time and then subsequently lost. It was heartbreaking. But, I got to hang out with Willie and Crystal and Liam and Owen one last time before moving to Swamp Country, so that was totally worth it.

Wednesday morning of wedding week, Stephen and I got free Spicy Chicken Biscuits (yum! Highly recommend.) Then, we went to lunch with Mom and Dad at Lulav (YUM!). Then, we went to visit one of my favorite people on earth, Jannette Burke, where we borrowed some beautiful thins for my wedding and were blessed with a wedding gift from her and her husband. It’s important to note here, that while I have remarkably good parents, a lot of my raising was done by this woman, and so a lot of anything good in my character, if there is anything, can be owed to her. And then, we went home, cleaned out our cars, filled up with gas, and then went to Wednesday night small group, where we were prayed for and surrounded by people who had a collective 185 years of marriage and who had almost no advice for us. This is mostly funny, because I know people who have been married for a matter of months that attempt to give us advice all the time. Yep, it’s my blog and I’ll be slightly snarky if I want to.

Thursday, I went to lunch with my friend Miranda. It was a longish lunch, at ZaZa’s, where the pizza is delicious, and the salads are delicious and the gelato is delicious. On this particular day, we discussed marriage and sex and living with boys and then were given free gelato because the manager needed our table. And then we discussed sex some more. And marriage. And living with boys and moving to new places and then on the way home I teared up a little cause she’s having a baby and I was moving to Louisiana, and it might be a really long time before we have lunch again.

Thursday night, we had sushi with Adam and Erika and Roselynn. Adam was the best man. He did an admirable job keeping Stephen calm, not losing my wedding ring, arranging chairs, and various other tasks that were above and beyond the call of duty. Erika brought the always adorable Roselynn, allowed me to hide in the back room and color with them and was just generally delightful. It’s really a shame they don’t live closer.

Friday morning, after a night of minimal sleep due to laundry and the attempt to finish up thank you notes (I failed) and pack for the honeymoon, we continued decorating the church. My Aunt Ann and her friend Sharon were there, as was Jannette, my mom and dad, Stephen, Adam, Crystal, and Teresa Siegel. Oh, and the most wonderful wedding coordinator of all, Malinda Sandlin. She is entirely the reason I had the wedding I had. I personally accomplished very little that day, but I did get to go to Wal-Mart in Maumelle with Crystal and Liam, which was awesome and kept me out of everyone’s hair. I think people were OK with that. Anyway, the church was beautifully decorated, no thanks to me, and then we went home, finished packing, and then returned to the church for the rehearsal.

The rehearsal went smoothly, thanks to Malinda, minus the time that I dropped my engagement ring and then asked “How do I walk?” But we rehearsed, it was lovely, and then we went to eat dinner at Corky’s, where the best man thanked God for Stephen and I’s inviting everyone to join in our matrimony (which we did not, our matrimony is private.), and the minister poked and pinched the waiter’s rear end.

Then, I got to spend my last night as a single woman with some dear friends from Oklahoma who had driven all that way to come see us get married. We stayed up too late, went to get drinks at the Peabody (Crimson Pears, yum!) and then came back and Amanda and Kristen and I stayed up a little later talking. It was exactly the way I would’ve wanted to spend my last night, so thank you to everyone who participated and everyone who traveled to see our wedding. We really do love you and the fact that you addressed the card to Jersey and signed it from some truly awesome people.

Alright, that’s wedding week in a nutshell. Eventually I’ll get to the wedding and honeymoon and new (to me) duplex in Ruston. Thanks for reading. And remember to spay and neuter your animals.


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