Today in Food


I talk a lot about how the things I’m going to miss most in Little Rock are restaurants. Please don’t judge me. I love my family, but they, and I, can travel. The restaurants? They’re static. So today, we’re going to have a little blog post about the places that I love the most and why they’re so amazing.

1. El Porton. If you like Mexican food, you should go there. If you don’t like Mexican food, we probably can’t be friends. El Porton is delicious. I’ve never had bad service. The salsa is fantastic and uses real tomatoes instead of tomato paste. I can personally recommend the Nachos with Chicken, the Taco Salad, the Fajitas, and the Chicken Chimichanga.

2. ZaZa’s. This place serves delicious original salad creations and absolutely fantastic wood-fired pizza. And Gelato. Gelato deserves a capital letter every time. The pizzas are at least as good as pizza I ate in Italy. And it’s definitely better than Pizza Hot and Dominos. And Little Caesar’s, although I can really enjoy a Hot and Ready.

3. Lulav. Lulav is downtown, walking distance from my office. It’s pricey at night, but the lunch menu is as reasonable as fast food, and there’s no fast food in the world that has crab cakes like this place does. Or a salad with pears. Or absolutely adorable and tasty tiny little hamburgers with the most remarkable assortment of toppings.

4. Hanaroo. Hanaroo is sushi. And asparagus tempura. They’ve got other things on the menu, but I cannot figure out why you’d order them when you could get Philadelphia Roll or Rainbow Roll or Tuna Hot Maki and some Asparagus Tempura. It’s so delicious. I’d provide you a link, but to my knowledge, they don’t have a webpage. Goobers.

5. Loca Luna. Oh my word. This restaurant is locally owned and operated. And not cheap. But oh my word. Everything is so good. The wine list is excellent. The service is excellent. The food is excellent. There’s this pecan pie served with a scoop of cinnamon Gelato (see! capital letter) that is probably what I would request as my last meal if I were about to be given the death penalty. I can recommend the Loca Luna Grilled Salmon, the Loca Luna Cheese Stuffed Filet Mignon, and the Poke Meat and ‘Maters Calzone (which, incidentally, I made my friend Julia order because I didn’t want to say the name. Luckily for me, Julia is really nice. If I hadn’t already known, I would’ve after my gynecologist informed me. Yeah, it’s sort of weird, but this is my blog and I’ll have weird anecdotes that leave you guessing if I want to.)

Those are just five restaurants. There are more. I haven’t talked about Chip’s or The Flying Saucer or the dearly departed Flying Burrito. Perhaps another blog for another day. And, as I’ve determined that pictures are the key to getting readers, I’ll leave you with one.

That’s Jersey. I don’t have to miss her, except when I’m on my honeymoon. She’s coming to Ruston with me.


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