Umm, a week of thankfulness?


So I failed. And I haven’t blogged in ages. But I’m still thankful. And so I’ll make a list. Because it’s Thursday and that’s the best I can do.

1. Redemption. It’s increasingly evident in a lot of ways in my life. I’m pretty happy to have it.

2. Dinner. Not a specific dinner. Just dinner. The fact that I’m well enough taken care of to be overweight and not have a nutrient deficiency is pretty good.

3. Books. I love the exchange of ideas. I love getting out of my small world and getting to see other peoples’ worlds. I love it. I love it even when it makes me uncomfortable.  Even when it makes me have to change something.

4. Andrew Peterson’s music. he gets it right every time. He also makes it heart-wrenching every time.

5. Getting married. I’ve watched a lot of people get married. A lot of my friends are on their second kid. I’m glad I’m getting a husband in just five short (long) weeks.

6. Coffee. Decaff or regular. I love Saturday mornings with coffee and sitting and reading.

7. The internet. Thanks to facebook and email I’ve had the luxury of getting in touch with some friends that are far away and were so dear to me and so instrumental in my faith and in my life. And who make me laugh.

8. Sushi. Delicious. Really delicious.

9. Laughing. Even though I have a tendency to do it when it’s probably inappropriate.

10. Arkansas almost in a BCS bowl game for the first time. Ever. And OK, secretly (except not since he’s my only reader) my team beating Stephen’s team to go to their first BCS bowl game.




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