Thanksgiving Week


In this week leading up to Thanksgiving day, I thought I’d take the time every day to post something I’m thankful for. While I am thankful for a lot of the obvious thing, such as salvation and Stephen and my family, I think I’m going to elect to make some of these posts a bit more, shall we say, eclectic than that. After all, my blog should be different than other people’s, or you’ll stop reading, right?


Today, I am thankful that other people have children. See, it’s not that I don’t want my own someday; I do. But I don’t have baby fever, and through much prayer, I have determined that it’s not time (obviously, as we’re not yet married, but I mean even after our marriage) yet for Stephen and I to have children. With that though, comes the luxury of Other People’s Kids. See, we can babysit. We can bring fun presents and toys. We can cuddle newborns and leave when the poop comes. And we can build relationships with sweet little boys that result in pictures when we have our gallbladders out. And we can learn just a little bit more about parenting, a task for which it is virtually impossible to prepare, before we are given that task. And, we can play freeze tag and catch and hide and seek and trains. And I can have the inexplicable joy of kisses from Noah and hugs from Evan and talking about football with Elliot and laughing with (at) Samuel. I can snuggle baby Eli and sing him songs that don’t really do it for Stephen. I can make faces at Liam and see him make faces back at me or smile when he realizes that I’ll contort my face in all sorts of ways just to make him laugh. Cause see, these kids don’t have to pick me. I’m not they’re parent. I’m just their sometimes babysitter and the girl that comes over to ostensibly watch football, but actually to hold the sweet baby. I’m their Sunday school teacher or the VBS worker or lady in their small group on Sunday nights that makes desserts that they like.  And I get the joy of making friends with their parents, and learning a little bit more about the life that, hopefully, awaits me. And I get more people to pray for, which is a wonderful reminder of all the things God can do.


A lot of my favorite kids are in this picture. Who cares about the adults, right?


So ladies that are my friends: please keep giving birth. While I don’t have baby fever, I do love getting to be an adult in your kids’ lives. After all, a girl’s gotta play trains every now and again.


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