Big Giant Weekend o’Fun (And presents too!)


This weekend we had two showers. Or possibly one party and one shower. Or possibly two parties. I’m not really too bothered with getting them named correctly.

Party (shower) 1 was in Ruston, LA. It was a Stock the Bar party (shower). This is a delightful sort of party (shower) to throw should you know a bride and groom who like the occasional tipple. Also, there was cake and fried food. In all seriousness though, alcohol and its paraphernalia are not cheap, so this was great and very helpful as we might find ourselves to be extremely broke married people in 8! short weeks. Also, it was at this party (shower) that I learned that Stephen’s friends (minus Mike) love me more than him. Yup. Wanna know how I know that? Visit us in Ruston and take a look at the wine rack and liquor cabinet. (OK, it’s really just the cabinet above the ‘fridge. We don’t have an ACTUAL liquor cabinet in the world’s second smallest duplex.) Also, there was cake. Did I mention cake? Well, there was cake. Delicious cake. And FRIED MACARONI AND CHEESE!! The All-Caps there are for emphasis on its deliciousness. It was a good excellent shower (party). I don’t have any pictures from it. The only thing that would’ve made it any better was actually getting to see baby Eli. But, he did get us (me) a present. Cause you know, he loves me.


2. Event Two was a Shower (Party) from my church home in Little Rock. I feel compelled to point out that these ladies know how to throw a party (shower). There are pictures from it. They’re not mine, Hannah took them and since I have zero HTML skills, I cannot gank them from Facebook and show them to you. However, you can probably see at least all the ones I was tagged in if you are friends with me over there and if that sort of thing concerns you. The Facebook album is labeled “Kristi’s Wedding Shower.” You know, if you feel compelled to look or if boredom is overtaking your very existence and you’re about to get up, grab your delightful coffee mug and march down the hall to your dad’s office to get some hot chocolate. Maybe that’s just me. Moving on…

There were two things about this shower (party) that I loved a lot on sight: coffee punch and the sight of Pumpkin Spice cupcakes. Those things were inappropriately delicious. Seriously. I have the coffee punch recipe and I’m getting the Pumpkin Spice cupcake recipe or dying trying. It probably won’t come to death though.

There were 9! hostesses. I had no idea that many women liked me. They were the most delightful sort of women too: women that I like a lot, that I’ve prayed with, and that know all sorts of potentially bad things about me and don’t care and throw me a party (shower). Also, just before I got there one of them laid in the floor and demonstrated giving birth for First-time Mom Liz. I hear it was awesome. The demonstrator’s name rhymes with Hulia if you’re interested in looking her up on Facebook.

There were a lot of really awesome presents. I don’t even know where to start, so I won’t. These ladies at my congregation are awesome and kind and I loved everything and I seriously do not know where to begin describing them, so I won’t. It was an awesome afternoon. In addition to being hugely fond of the ladies that threw the shower (party), I loved all the ladies that came. Seriously. And I loved that some people who couldn’t be there were so kind as to send gifts that were awesome. I can’t wait to wedge it all into my tiny kitchen.

Oh, and one more thing: there were recipes. Everyone brought one and the hostesses got me an adorable little box with Alphabet Tab Dividers and an awesome lip on the lid so that it will hold the recipe card.

It was a wonderful weekend. I felt really honored and loved and will get to repeat that feeling again when I get to start using all the wonderful wedding gifts.



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