I didn’t know how to title this post, so I didn’t. It’s basically a mishmash of some things I’ve been thinking about lately.

1. I’ll be 27 when I get married. It’s not old, but it’s old enough to know that being single is hard. Really hard. Harder than people who have not been adult single people know. That being said, I realize that I don’t know how hard marriage yet, but I will soon. But really, it’s hard. Everything is your responsibility and when you fail at something, it’s ridiculously devastating. I’m not meaning to belittle married people. And honestly, aside from about 9 months or so when I was really bothered by it, I loved being single. Yes, it was hard, but I got to have a lot of experiences that I would not have had. But, I’m thrilled to be getting married. I’m thrilled to be someone’s help-meet. I’m honored by the fact that God’s grace is apparent in that he’s allowing me to marry so far up. But still, singleness is a lot harder than people think. That doesn’t mean I think it’s the worst thing in the world, just that I think that particular struggle is often overlooked by the church. I’d also like to offer an admonition to those people who have told me that I should not pray for a spouse because it’s not appropriate to pray for things to change my circumstances. I would submit that praying for a spouse is no different from praying for a baby or praying for a sick loved one to get better. I’m not 100% sure where I’m going with all this. I know it’s not well written. I know it might sound like I’m coming down hard on people. Well, I kind of am a little bit, but it’s as much an admonition to myself to not forget single people as it is to anyone else, so don’t feel too badly or take it too personally. As an aside, I’m not sure we take marriage seriously enough. I’m thankful that our premarital counseling and the advice of some close friends have told me that it’s hard. I mean, if we were only to take what we hear in church from the pulpit about marriage and its blessedness (HA! My congregation doesn’t even have a pulpit.) and from movies, we’d think it was the easiest thing on earth, and it’s so not.

2. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about sin. Stephen and I are reading a book and using it for Bible study on Tuesday nights. Here lately, I’ve found myself extremely grateful that I am being made perfect and holy and am not expected to be there yet. I’m immensely thankful for that. Cause you know, sometimes I’m dishonest, and sometimes I yell at people in traffic, and sometimes I gossip, and while I’m not offering any excuses for that, I’m so thankful that with a broken spirit and a contrite heart, God won’t despise my offering.

3. TO those of you receiving wedding invitations from me: the cat got in the box with the invitations and wrestled them. I’m sorry if you’ve got teeth marks on yours. Consider it a love bite from Jersey.

4. My car is broken. Not irreparably, but some and this whole car repair business is for the birds. Except it’s not since birds don’t have cars. The little punks.

5. My apologies for not posting on Monday or Tuesday. I’m not sure it bothered anyone other than Stephen, but I figured I could go ahead and apologize.

6. Does anyone have a good recipe for brisket? OOH, and pecan pie. Thanks.


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