Thursdays are long days for me, even with the knowledge of a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy later on this evening. (As an aside, this weekend when we were lounging around watching the latest episode on the internet, Stephen asked me to explain the story line. Turns out, it sounds stupid when you have to tell it out loud.) Anyway, Thursdays are long. Today, the network went down at work, so very little actual work could be accomplished. Today I went to lunch by myself, ate a little and then got a piece of pecan pie. Today I’m plotting how to make sure I have a good marriage, how to decorate our tiny duplex, and how make myself fashionable without spending a small fortune.

I suspect that Thursdays are even longer these days because there’s no prospect of seeing Stephen, usually. Obviously last week was an exception. See, we live in different states. It’s much easier now than when we were separated by an 8 hour drive across Texas, but it’s still not the best situation ever. I miss the guy. And his washer and dryer. But, tomorrow is Friday. And I get to go on a date with a guy who will indulge my love for TCBY, let me pick the movie, and fail to get upset when I prattle on endlessly about how to decorate our impossibly tiny duplex. So instead of Thursday being long, I think I’ll just focus on how good I’ve actually got it.


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