I’m getting married. It’s happening sort of soon, which is great. That being said, apparently we need to design the ceremony. I have NO idea what I want other than that I don’t want a unity candle. So, please, leave me your ideas. Leave me your decorating ideas. Leave me your vow ideas. Leave me your ceremony activity suggestions. Leave me some money. Just kidding on the last one. Mostly. Seriously. Help a girl out. After all, if you’re friends enough with me to be reading my blog on Facebook, you’re probably invited to the wedding anyway, so wouldn’t you want to insure a good time is had by yourself? Thanks everyone. I’ll reward you with a piece of cake at the wedding.


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  1. Didn’t have a unity candle-hate them and still am glad we didn’t have one. Decorating-wise, we had lots of red roses everywhere. They are timeless and classic, and don’t “date” your wedding pictures. I didn’t want out wedding video taped because I had several friends who had also gotten married around that time and they would watch their videos and tear them apart by analyzing every single minute. But, I now wish someone had secretly gone against my wishes and taped it. I would love for my kids to be able to watch it some day. Also, if you gave a big huge thing full of candles, try and light them ahead of time. Nothing is quite as nerve-racking as watching people lighting the millions of candles while the huge candleholders sway back and forth. We also hid our car about 1/2 mile away and left in Jon’s parents car; nobody dared “decorate” it. 🙂
    Jon says take the money and elope. Big talker. He knows his mother would have strung him up if he’d done that.

  2. Pssh. Stephen’s mother is why we’re not eloping either. She’d die. My own mother might too. I remember your wedding vaguely, but nothing sticks out as atrocious, so you must have done something right. We’re having a fair amount of roses, but I couldn’t resist hot pink stargazer lilies. My kids will probably think it’s tacky in a few years, but I don’t really care.

    Ann, I always enjoy watching that particular ceremony, but I’m trying to avoid doing things that will have me laughing so hard I urinate in my dress. It cost way too much for that.

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