The Night I Ruined the Bumper Cars for Everyone


Last night, I had free fair tickets, so Stephen and I went to the fair. Much fun was had. And there were corn dogs.

That’s us on the Tilt-a-whirl. I love the Tilt-a-whirl. Stephen does not. I wanted to ride it again. Stephen did not.

After the Tilt-a-whirl, it was time for a very important part of the evening:

As you can see, I prefer that no one mess with me while I’m doctoring my corn dog.

After the corn dogs, we looked at the livestock. We saw pigs.

And cows.

Following the livestock was dessert. I wanted fried cheesecake, so we wandered around the fair hunting for the booth that the fried cheesecake was supposed to be in. It was not. So I got kettle corn instead. I don’t have a picture of the kettle corn.

Then we rode the scrambler. We took a picture there, but it’s unattractive, so I’m not posting it.

Following the scrambler, we rode the bumper cars. We waited in line and finally got to select our cars. About 90 seconds after the driving and bumping started, the ride came to a screeching halt. The carnie rushed over to my car, chided me, and laid the lap belt down. My apologies to anyone on the bumper cars with us last night whose fun was impeded.

This is us, pre-bumper cars.

After that, Stephen purchased a piece of frozen, dipped in chocolate, cheesecake. And he ate most of it. Then I got to eat the rest of it. It wasn’t deep-fried, but it was delicious.

Then it was time to go home. Of course, we had to stop at Target to get a card reader so that I could bring you all these fabulous displays of my life. Happy Friday everyone! Eat some cheesecake. Or a corn dog.


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