Total Awesomeness


We all know Mondays suck. In the effort to avoid that this week, I decided to do something a little different: I went to my friend Elliot’s football game. Elliot is a 7 year old, and one of the coolest people I know. I think this says a great deal about his seriously awesome parents.

Kickoff, except they don’t kick in 7 year old football, was at 6. As per my usual, I was 5 (OK, Stephen is thinking that my usual is 15-20 minutes) minutes late. I paid my dollar and found Hilary and Evan and the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine. Julia sat with us. The men were busy pacing the sidelines. The players looked absolutely adorable, as is evidenced by the following picture, in their uniforms and helmets. Go Sooners!

My friend Elliot is the corner back. I hear rumors that he gets paid for tackles. I learned some things I did not know tonight. 7 year old football is played in two twenty minute halves. There’s no PATs or punts. The field is only eighty yards long. The boys are little. Except, we had inside information that the Buccaneers were unbeatable because, “They cheat mom. There are THIRD graders on their team.” Luckily Elliot was there to give us the inside scoop so that we weren’t disappointed with the Sooners’ 27-6 loss.

We took a group picture tonight. After the picture, Elliot was the picture of graciousness and made sure to thank everyone individually that came to his game. Then he tackled the worship minister for our congregation. I suppose boys are always boys.

Elliot, thank you for letting us spend our Monday evening with you and the rather obnoxious man in the stands. In case any of you out there are confused, it’s really not OK to instruct your 7 year old, first time football player to, “Hit him so hard his mama gets hurt!”


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