Sometimes, when I can’t think of anything profound, I like to make lists.

1. This weekend, one of my bridesmaids came to visit. She did my flowers for my wedding. They look really good. I’d post pictures, but they’re on my mom’s camera. Maybe tomorrow.

2. I ate Asian buffet twice this weekend. It was awesome.

3. Sunday night, Julia put a really hot meatball into her mouth at small group. Then she got overwhelmed by the meatball’s heat and spit it out onto her plate. It was awesome.

4. I went to a shower yesterday for a girl from Japan. The idea of a wedding shower is a foreign (literally) concept to her. She was delightfully excited over every single gift. I can only hope and pray that my reactions are as darling as hers.

5. I realize that if I don’t start including some pictures, I’m going to lose my readers. (Do I have any readers?) So, here you.

That’s a picture of one of the best dinners I’ve ever had in my life.


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