The last five months


Obviously I have been absent, which I’m fairly certain utterly disappoints my 3 readers. Never fear, I’ve returned, found the cable to my camera and promise to attempt some sort of blog publishing schedule. That being said, it’s still my blog, and I still reserve the right to blog or not blog to my heart’s content.

In the last five months, I’ve made some friends. I’ve eaten a lot of food. I’ve been unemployed and panicked about money. I’ve learned some things about grace and forgiveness and how even if you’re allowed to go home again, it’s not really home. I’ve learned that despite what you hear on HGTV, it’s not just “a simple coat of paint” or a “quick and easy fix.” I’ve started dating someone that I’ve been talking to since April. He lives in a whole other state, so there’s the problem of communication. Every couple has the problem of communication, but it seems more difficult when you can’t see each others’ faces. We’ll figure it out. I’ve had a successful first semester of nursing school and a remarkably difficult second semester. I’ve learned the blessings of single friends and I’ve learned how to make really good pot roast. I’ve discovered the Pioneer Woman (thanks Laura!) and spent much time that I should’ve been studying perusing her site for both amusing stories and fabulous recipes. I’ve seen all three original Star Wars. I’ve had diagnostic laparoscopic surgery which had the best possible outcome, but did leave me cold for days and slightly itchy from the anesthesia. I’ve made friends. Good friends.

There’s the last five months. I promise pictures, particularly of the four new recipes I’m attempting this weekend, and the painted and decorated condo. I also promise a blog post more often than once a month and promise to keep too much of the mundane out of it. After all, I’m always asking the hard questions in my head, so I should ask them on my blog too, right?

Have a good weekend and if you know me in real life, check out my facebook page and help save Spork. Seriously.


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