Some More Things I Like


Despite my occasional disillusionment and homesickness with and here in Oklahoma, I am going to attempt to focus on the things I like about being here. Because I’m good at making lists and because I enjoy reading lists, I think I shall continue to do them this way and if you don’t like it, tough toenails.

1. I like Wednesday night dinners with my family. Do we agree on politics? No, but we agree that football is worthwhile, that Arkansas should replace Baylor in the Big 12 and there is always sweet tea.
2. I like having the internet in my house finally. It is nice to be able to do the things you do with the internet, but I still find myself at Starbucks because I am a bit more focused when there is no cable television, no cleaning and no napping to be done. Also, there’s the cute boy and the free tea.
3. I like my public administration class. It’s a topic that I’m interested in, the class is interesting and the professor is hot. He’s too old for me, but if I can have a hand in helping out my cousin Vicki, then so be it.
4. I like my front loading washing machine. It’s nice to watch the clothes spin round and round.
5. I like walking into church and meeting friendly people who are kind enough to invite me to lunch and talk with me. I know that it’s hard to be friendly at church, and with my current religious predicament, I am thankful for the kindness of these people.

There are more than 5 things that I like, but for now, I have a giant pile of reading to do and since the Arkansas game is televised this weekend, I obviously won’t be doing it on Saturday evening. For now, 5 is enough and this exercise was enough to remind me of some things that I needed to be reminded of.


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