Some Things I Don’t Like


Today’s blog is about some things I don’t like. I know I promised not to air grievances anymore, but this is my blog and I reserve the right to recant my original proposals and so I am. Here’s a list of some things:

1. The tap water is nasty here and cannot be masked with Crystal Light or Tea.
2. It is windy. It is windy all the time and there are no trees to block this wind and my hair constantly looks and feels terrible.
3. One of my neighbors has his chimney covered up with a lot of plastic. With the copious amounts of wind here, this plastic blows, usually when I am coming in after dark, resulting in a scary movie sound and ultimately scaring the crap out of me.
4. Reading textbooks. We have, on average, about 200-300 pages of assigned reading a week. Seriously. That is not a made up number. It is a for real number. It is a big number and they are all in big, hard textbooks that require much thought processing.
5. Not yet having internet in my apartment. I am tired of going to Starbucks. As yet I have managed to not purchase a pastry, but my resolve is weakening.

Those are enough things. I promise an overly Pollyanna-esque post tomorrow to make up for today’s inappropriately whiny post.


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  1. I miss you. And sitting in the living room. And going to the gym. And sonic after gym. blah.
    p.s. try using a brita filter..that helped the water a lot for me..

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