First Sunday


Today, out of necessity, I visited my first congregation as a single person in a new (giant) city. Despite its location less than a mile from my condo, I managed to be slightly late. I forced myself to go to Sunday School rather than simply slipping in for worship and slipping out without being noticed.

I selected Quail Springs Church for my first congregation. Despite being late to Sunday School, there was a very nice man at the door who showed me where to go to class, asked me a few questions about myself and made sure there were people in the class before leaving me in the room. Once there, I was momentarily afraid that I was going to stick out like a sore thumb, feel very awkward and have to run far far away. This was not the case. The teachers, an older married couple, made mention that I was new, asked me to introduce myself to the group and had the group introduce themselves to me. They managed to accomplish this all without making me feel very awkward or, for lack of a better word, new. I’m going to have to learn their tactics.

Sunday school was not your typical Sunday school in that we didn’t have a lesson, but instead one of the elders told us about his background. While not a formal lesson, it was a wonderful learning experience for me and I was thankful for that. Once class was over, several people introduced themselves to me and made sure to invite me to their small group outing that evening.

After class and introductions to some people, a few of the people from the singles class graciously allowed me to follow them to worship service and sit with them and then after worship made sure to invite me to their group again.

I really enjoyed the worship. It felt like Crosswalk and it was nice to have a bit of home in the middle of a city where I know virtually nothing. The sermon was on baptism and rather than taking the typical church of Christ tack, it was instead about what baptism means and the copious amounts of grace involved in the transaction. All in all, it was a good experience. While I’m not completely sold on Quail Springs, which may be due to my own particularly heavy dose of cautiousness in most things, it was a wonderful first church in a new, big city.


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