All the Free Time in the World


So it turns out, I hate having free time. All the way through the past three years I thought it would be fantastic to have a few days to just do whatever I wanted. Well, it’s not fantastic. It would not be fantastic if I had money either, so don’t make that assumption. I need to feel the pressure of a deadline. I like being busy. It turns out that hanging out and going with the flow are not things I’m particularly talented at. Perhaps that’s what God is teaching me right now. Perhaps I’m going to chew my leg off while learning that lesson because having this idle time is driving me batty (or perhaps battier).

I’m going to leave my comfy corner at Starbucks (where the internet is free) now and go create something to do. That something will likely involve framing pictures for my house and putting together bookcases so that my books have a home and my desk stops looking like Barnes and Noble threw up on it.

As a parting gift to you, weigh in on color suggestions for my kitchen, dining and living rooms. The sherbet has got to go.


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