It was a long car trip. 6.5 hours in the car with a moderately frightened cat, way too much stuff, relay bathroom breaks and the fortunate find of a Braum’s in Sallisaw, OK with an outdoor eating area that allowed us all, cat included (in her carrier of course) to get some fresh air and some lunch.

After a few more hours in the car, we arrived at my condo. It’s bright, clean and large. And painted in sherbet colors. Orange sherbet in the kitchen; lime sherbet in the dining room.

We, including my Great Aunt-Janis who is in her late 70s, unloaded my things from the trailer. And unloaded. And unloaded until they were finally all indoors. Then we started unpacking. I’m proud to say that by the time my parents left on Wednesday evening (my extremely helpful and generous parents) everything was unpacked but my books.

Thus far I have spent all of my spare time with my family, but I’m sure that will change this weekend. This weekend I will try a new church, make myself attend Sunday school at said new church and begin my search for community in my new city.

Coming attractions: photos of both the home AND a photo tour of Super Target.


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  1. Kristi!

    Glad to hear that you’re unpacked- well, mostly. Keep blogging so we can stalk your day to day movements 🙂 Love you, girl! We already miss having you around!


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